Beef stroganoff over rice

Posted: September 7, 2012 in Kitchen Scrapz (recipes)
Beef stroganoff by eric.louie
Beef stroganoff, a photo by eric.louie on Flickr.

Beef stroganoff over rice

My mom would often make a hamburger stroganoff when I was young. When I asked her about it recently, she thinks it came from a fundraising cookbook from the Square and Circle Club, a longstanding Chinese American women’s service organization started in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

The group was started in 1924 by seven girls, with the initial project to help flood and famine in China, according to its Web site. They have helped provide a van to get seniors to daycare, and raised money for youth and battered women. They also work to integrate immigrants to American life such as programs learning about government. Their name comes from Chinese coins, which are round with a square hole in the middle, with their motto being “In deeds be square, in knowledge be all-round,” according to a San Francisco Chronicle article I found.

My mom said one of the draws to the recipe was its ease after a workday. It can be made in about the time it takes to make rice. If vegetarian you can use lentils, which after a short time using ground turkey, my family now uses to be healthier. I guess that makes this a throwback recipe, though mine is a little different in that it uses beef slices instead of ground.


  • Beef, any inexpensive cut is fine
  • A couple onions
  • Several white mushrooms
  • One can cream of mushroom
  • A cup of plain yogurt
  • Salt
  • Black pepper



  • Start cooking your rice and turn on your pan.
  • Cut onions and put them in.
  • Cut beef and put that in.
  • Cut mushrooms and put them in.
  • Wait a minute for a natural liquid to form, cover it.
  • Put in ground black pepper.
  • Put in cream of mushroom.
  • Put in yogurt. It should all be getting thicker.
  • Put in some salt.
  • Serve when everything is ready.



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