May Day 2013-Oakland

Posted: May 15, 2013 in Living
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DSCN0064 by eric.louie
DSCN0064, a photo by eric.louie on Flickr.

By Eric Louie

May Day 2013 was once again marked with a march for immigrants through Oakland’s Fruitvale district.

The Wednesday, May 1 afternoon event drew a crowd that spanned several blocks along major streets. While speakers on a sound truck led the march, many others including communists and anarchists also brought their ideas.

Organized labor was involved, with the Alameda County Labor Council reporting in a press release that there are 500,000 immigrants in the county Of those, 124,000 are undocumented.

Marchers headed east from Fruitvale BART along International Boulevard. They stopped at the Mi Pueblo, a Bay Area chain, where there have been protests over participation in the federal E-Verify immigration check system. The United Food and Commercial Workers Union and others have a campaign to organize Latino and Asian supermarket workers.

The march headed back along Foothill Boulevard. There were police, including a helicopter, but no physical confrontations. Eventually it ended back at the BART station with some drumming and dance.


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