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By Eric Louie

The East Bay Bike Party is held on the second Friday of the month. It meets at a different BART station each time, with the group leaving at 8 p.m. There’s a lot of different bikes, with some having flashy lights and sound systems. The route is between 12 and 16 miles long, has has a few stops, and ends around the last BART trains of the night, which is around midnight. As the organizers say, it is not Critical Mass, the monthly Friday rush hour ride in downtown San Francisco that advocates for bike transportation and has included confrontations with drivers. It’s a party, which includes warning attendees not to get too trashed. Some people drink, and being California there’s a lot of smoking weed too. Volunteers organize the route and also guide riders at the event. Theres a theme and on Nov. 8, 2013 it was Super Mario Brothers, though not everyone follows the theme.

Here’s a list of the rules for the Web site at

– Stay to the Right / Stop at Lights – We’re NOT Critical Mass. We share the roadway appropriately.
– Ride Straight – Bike party sometimes exceeds 1,000 riders. Riding predictably avoids crashes in a large group.
– Don’t Hate – Please roll past any conflict that might present itself during the ride. Be civil.
– Pack your Trash – Bike partiers aspire to leave party stops in better condition than we found them. Be prepared to carry trash home from every single bike party. Public trash cans at party stops cannot support 1,000 bike partiers. Bring a plastic bag to pack trash.
– Don’t Get Smashed – Riding while inebriated poses a danger to yourself and others. Don’t ruin everybody else’s fun by overdoing it.
– Call out anybody failing to behave, and back up others who make those call-outs.